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Sunday, 24 June 2007

Best week ever = June 24th

Best week ever = June 10th – June 24

This week has two weeks as I was busy moving home and didnt do much fun stuff.

  • I moved back home last Thursday, I almost died on the M62 because it was really rainy and fear.

  • I have so much stuff. I can't fit it anywhere.

  • I started my new job and it is fun, although I don't always get breaks because they are wank, but I get cups of tea when I want them so I guess that is okay.

  • One of my best friends had her baby. Hello baby welcome into the world.

  • I went to my friend Kelly's house and we drank the wine and had a catch up, we also watched big brother.

  • I love Shabnam from Big Brother and have a girl crush on her.

  • I joined a gym. Hurrah.

  • I hurt my neck somehow, combination of too much time online and on a checkout at work. I can't move it properly and could not sleep because it hurt too much.

  • Katie's birthday party was last night and it was fun. It was nice to see her and my other friends.

  • I decided it would be a good idea to call and wake up Sarah.

  • I got drunk like I always do, on the way home I fell up the curb. I wanted to just sit there for a while but Vicki and Naomi made me get up. It was like 3am in the morning, I said I was okay and we carried on our 45 minute walk.

  • I woke up this morning with blood EVERYWHERE. My leg hurts. I hurt my elbow and little finger also.

  • I'm just getting over my hangover, at 8pm.

  • Apparently when I got home I left the door open, I locked it though but it wasnt shut. I kind of remember not being able to close it and I guess that was why.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

best week ever = 30th June

Best week ever - 10th June

  • I went to Trafford centre in Manchester on Monday with Janine. We went to a tapas bar and we felt like we were in Spain.

  • We tried on lots of dresses. It was awesome. I bought two and they were beautiful.

  • I have just worked my last weekend at work. I have one shift tomorrow and then I am leaving that Tesco for my old Tesco where I shall work at the petrol station. Fun times.

  • People are sad I am leaving, which is nice. Jenny wants says she doesn't want somebody else to start working my shifts, she wants me back. Boo hiss.

  • Janet passed her driving test, and on Saturday we looked at cars for her. Vroom.

  • Sarah and I got engaged.

  • Last night, Janet and I went to the Westleigh. It was fun apart from when this really creepy dude came onto me. I told him Janet was my girlfriend and he said 'you can't have a girlfriend, you're too beautiful to do something like that'. I was really offended and yelled at him lots.

  • I told the man in the pizza shop that I could speak Arabic and Russian. When really I can say like 3 phrases in each of the languages.

  • I really suck at pool.

  • A man complimented my outfit and it pretty much made my week.

  • I've not have a very eventful week. Okay bye.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

photoblog = webcam fun

click on them ot make them bigger. yes.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

best week ever = 3rd june

Best week ever - 3rd june

  • Last Sunday at work, one of the lights starts smoking. About 4 managers stood under it and watched for 30 minutes or so, then it stopped smoking, then they decided to evacuate the whole building.

  • It was really fun, 40ish Tesco staff huddled under a trolley bay (it was raining), loads in cars, customers coming into the car park and looking confused and then leaving. The fire brigade came 20 minutes later and finally declared the store as safe, we were allowed back in and met up with all the checkouts full of abandoned shopping and random trolleys of shopping left in the aisle. It was race against the heat to get all the frozen and chilled stuff back in!

  • Afterwards, I gave Jenny a lift to the station (my kind deed for the day) and drove to my friend Janine's house. There we got ready and hit the motorway for Blackpool.

  • I took a wrong turning and ended up on the M56, you see, the M56 and I have a somewhat complex relationship, for some reason I'm always drawn towards it. We managed to get on the right motorway in the end.

  • We were staying in Janines Grandmas caravan, when we found it we discovered the key didn't work. So we had to call her Aunt who drove up from Manchester with a copy of a key that worked. It was funny, we sat in the car and drank beer until she came. Fun.

  • We got in the caravan and say bye to her Aunt, then got ready to go out. Called a taxi and left around 11pm into the chavland that is Blackpool. We made friends with the Taxi man as usual (there and back) telling some story about how we had gotten married on holiday to some strangers and we were out celebrating our divorce. We had a spatula and a potato masher as props.

  • We went to Flares, made some friends, then around 2:30 went to the take away for pizza, made some more friends, then go the taxi back.

  • The next morning we went into Blackpool. Janine wanted to take me on the ride 'Valhalla' but after last time when she took me on 'Pepsi max the big one' and I felt like my bones were being crushed, it took her a lot of persuading. We had a beer first (yes, at 11am) and then queued up twice.

  • The ride was scary, dramatic music and loud chants, it was a log flume in the dark so you cant see the drops. Apart from it broke down twice, when it set off again Janine head butted me.

  • I found a poster and thought it was really cool, but when I unrolled it it turned out to be of a really old, lame British boy band 'blue'. It was funny.

  • We walked along the sea front, stopped in a couple of pubs and then got the tram back, ate and then was ready to set back home.

  • Janine took about 200 photos of the road/streets/pedestrians as I drove.

  • On Tuesday night, I webcamed with Sarah and decided to dress myself up as I were bored. She actually cried laughing at me.

  • On Friday, it was really hot so Janet and I went to the ampitheatre at uni and chilled. She fell asleep, I red, then we went to the pub.

  • Today (sunday) I did race for life for cancer research in a lovely park (it won park of the year in the uk 2006). I met up with people I work with at 9:30am (the race is supported by Tesco, so we all get cool tesco race for life t-shirts if we work there and do it together). The race started at 10:30, so we all got in line, some of us wearing pink fluffy wigs and set off.

  • A photographer came and took our photo, we will be in the local paper tomorrow.

  • I did it in 35 mins, which was not as fast as I did it last year, but not bad considering I had done no training at all.

  • Afterwards, we all crashed out on the grass and waiting for the other Tesco Staff to finish. It was a really got day and I got a bit burnt, but I have managed to race £70 for cancer research so I am proud of myself.

  • Expect photos above.

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