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Sunday, 24 June 2007

Best week ever = June 24th

Best week ever = June 10th – June 24

This week has two weeks as I was busy moving home and didnt do much fun stuff.

  • I moved back home last Thursday, I almost died on the M62 because it was really rainy and fear.

  • I have so much stuff. I can't fit it anywhere.

  • I started my new job and it is fun, although I don't always get breaks because they are wank, but I get cups of tea when I want them so I guess that is okay.

  • One of my best friends had her baby. Hello baby welcome into the world.

  • I went to my friend Kelly's house and we drank the wine and had a catch up, we also watched big brother.

  • I love Shabnam from Big Brother and have a girl crush on her.

  • I joined a gym. Hurrah.

  • I hurt my neck somehow, combination of too much time online and on a checkout at work. I can't move it properly and could not sleep because it hurt too much.

  • Katie's birthday party was last night and it was fun. It was nice to see her and my other friends.

  • I decided it would be a good idea to call and wake up Sarah.

  • I got drunk like I always do, on the way home I fell up the curb. I wanted to just sit there for a while but Vicki and Naomi made me get up. It was like 3am in the morning, I said I was okay and we carried on our 45 minute walk.

  • I woke up this morning with blood EVERYWHERE. My leg hurts. I hurt my elbow and little finger also.

  • I'm just getting over my hangover, at 8pm.

  • Apparently when I got home I left the door open, I locked it though but it wasnt shut. I kind of remember not being able to close it and I guess that was why.


Amanda said...

get back on my im
i miss you
and your bloody knee

Cayden said...

what about all the weeks since- more stories, they are so fun.

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