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Sunday, 10 June 2007

best week ever = 30th June

Best week ever - 10th June

  • I went to Trafford centre in Manchester on Monday with Janine. We went to a tapas bar and we felt like we were in Spain.

  • We tried on lots of dresses. It was awesome. I bought two and they were beautiful.

  • I have just worked my last weekend at work. I have one shift tomorrow and then I am leaving that Tesco for my old Tesco where I shall work at the petrol station. Fun times.

  • People are sad I am leaving, which is nice. Jenny wants says she doesn't want somebody else to start working my shifts, she wants me back. Boo hiss.

  • Janet passed her driving test, and on Saturday we looked at cars for her. Vroom.

  • Sarah and I got engaged.

  • Last night, Janet and I went to the Westleigh. It was fun apart from when this really creepy dude came onto me. I told him Janet was my girlfriend and he said 'you can't have a girlfriend, you're too beautiful to do something like that'. I was really offended and yelled at him lots.

  • I told the man in the pizza shop that I could speak Arabic and Russian. When really I can say like 3 phrases in each of the languages.

  • I really suck at pool.

  • A man complimented my outfit and it pretty much made my week.

  • I've not have a very eventful week. Okay bye.


Amanda said...

pictures of the dresses please!

oh and invite me back to your msn once you have detoxed yourself.

sarah said...

i am so glad we are getting married.

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