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Thursday, 31 May 2007

Poetry Thursday : the negative self

Life is important. We only get one chance at life – but that does not mean we get only one chance to attain our goals.

I often read and hear people talk of their dreams, the younger the person is, the more exciting, amazing, magical the dream is. As we grow, the dreams fade into something more 'realistic'. The trouble is, where do we draw the line between something unrealistic and something possible when time and effort is put in?

The trouble is, for some reason, it is human nature for us to put ourselves down. Tell yourself you want to be a singer 'don't be stupid' your find your mind shouting back at you 'you will never make it, you're too ugly, fat, tone deaf, shy' etc etc. I think it takes a lot of courage and a very brave person to turn around and realise that it doesn't actually matter if you fail. It does not mean you fail as a person, it does not mean you fail other people. It does not mean you have to stop, give up and go back to something more 'doable'. Many people fail many times before they actually get somewhere. You must believe in yourself and remember you can learn the talents, the skills, everytime you make a mistake you can take something positive from it so you do not repeat it.

I'm not just talking about a high fly job like being a singer, or an actress. I mean things like moving away to a different country, taking a chance on a relationship even if it is 3000 miles away, attempting to run a marathon and raise money for it for a charity, setting up a business, many different dreams that we have always wanted in the back of our minds, but kept them there out of fear.

There is no set number of times you can attempt your goals. There are set backs, such as money and time of course, but I really believe if you really want something but fear is stopping you, you should try to get over it and give it a good go anyway.

Even if you do fail, you know you have not lived a life of regret. Attempting something and not quite getting there has to be better than spending the rest of your life thinking 'what if?', right?


Poetry Thursday -

These ugly things I birth

I was under swept in red wine
holding a diagnosis with my teeth,
I should not share the paper work,
the blood work, or the morning sickness
that curls up inside me like twins
(one black, one white)
with the rest of you.

I should tuck it inside paper airplanes
and with my sticky fingers, push
through the earths atmosphere
hoping it won't boomerang.
Though it always does,

last time it took 7 months,
I spent time in rivers with the apples
and pomegranates. I swam
inside their colours
until one child returned,

I could smell the amenorrhea
in her short-fused hair,
and I could see her skipping,
smiling, with a toilet bowl in her arms.

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Amanda said...

you dear have an amazing soul and just knowing these things now, at your age will help you so much. never settling and always pushing yourself to obtain what you dream. nothing good comes easily or without effort.
love love love

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